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Men's Underwear

Slip on a modern icon with Calvin Klein men's underwear. Shop cotton boxers and signature briefs on the official CK website or go for something sexy with an iconic CK jockstrap. Expect form-fitting trunks, breathable fabrics and true second-skin comfort. Wear with pyjama bottoms for off-duty lounging or enjoy a smooth fit under trousers when dressing up for work. Show off the iconic CK logo waistband on your men’s trunks. Let it peak out from underneath a pair of jeans. Sold on that style? Stock up on CK underwear with our men's boxers multipacks. Calvin Klein. Undress with confidence. Move without friction.

What's the most comfortable men's underwear?

The most comfortable men's underwear combines natural materials like cotton with synthetic fibres for extra elasticity. Try CK's Cotton Stretch range or go for ultra-soft microfibre.

How do you fold men's underwear?

To fold men's underwear neatly, fold it in thirds by folding the left side towards the centre, then folding the right side over the left. Now, fold the crotch one-third up towards the waistband, then fold the waistband down.