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Men's Socks

Rely on CK’s socks for men. Breathable. Comfortable. Made from natural materials. Enjoy good quality socks for life. Play it safe with black, grey or white socks. Or go for funky colours and bold logos to express your style. Wear our classic crew socks with a pair of chunky boots. Match ankle socks with your favourite trainers. Or wear invisible socks underneath a pair of loafers. Want more quality essentials? Add a multipack of men’s boxers to your shopping cart. Digging the look? Finish it off with our men’s clothing essentials. CK’s socks for men. Comfortable feet for life.

How do you fold socks?

To fold your socks, place them on top of each other, then tightly roll them up from toe to cuff. Now, fold the outer cuff back over the roll to create a tight bundle that takes up little space in your underwear drawer.

How do you get white socks white again?

To get your white socks white again, soak them for several hours in warm water with a cup of baking soda. Wring them dry, then wash them in the washing machine, adding some more baking soda and a cup of white vinegar to your usual laundry detergent.